1Services include…providing catering for small themed events such as engagement dinner parties, birthday parties.., Providing low calories cakes made to order , menu planning and consultation  for your event.Also providing a new service for clients if you need recipe development with a new product I can provide my advice and ideas to help you bring you bring your product a reality, cooking classes, catering for small corporate  events.Food  on offer is American themed style catering and British themed style catering .And providing West Indian style catering as well…Any information about allergens and dietary requirements please do not hesitate to ask. Information  about pricing please call or leave your details and I will get in touch

Menu for a small dinner party

Starter-Goats cheese and red onion tartlets

Main course -Roasted salmon with a pepper and olive tapenade and balsamic dressing

and garnished with dill.And roasted new potatoes.

Vegetarian mains-Filo and feta cheese strudel served with a green salad and mustard

vinaigrette .

Dessert -healthy butterscotch bars served with ice cream or fruit cocktail.

Cold buffet menu -Spicy Mayo and coriander chicken wraps

Sun blush tomatoes and rocket leaf salad with olives

Roasted vegetable Salad

Grilled chicken breasts with basil oil.

Vegetarian -Pasta with pesto with  and mixed roasted vegetables

Low  calorie Banana cake.

These are just sample menus , if you need more information about menus and your allergen and dietary requirements please call for more information.

Take away meals operationcookdesign has a take away service now .

Operationcookdesign provides services for menu plans for mindful eating , eating to help you have a better attitude to your health these services include.Menu planning a grocery plan ,and consultation as well as help on getting you on the right track for your please get in contact for more information and prices.

This is another video from my mindful eating channel.

Today I wanted to share a new video from my channel mindful eating this was a very short video on how to make this healthy snack in just under 15 mins.Please have a look at my new channel on you tube.


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