Being productive in a time when things seems to be at a stand still.

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Most people have been home for a week now and have been working remotely , and working from home as a caterer our services are mainly provided by us going to a customer or us delivering a product to them.As we continue to work hard behind the closed doors be creative in your catering business, why  not design a new menu for your customers before you return to business fully , offer a ten percent discount to bring them back to your business.As a business we need to continue to remain positive and not let past set backs take us to a mental lock down we need to use every set back to bush us even  harder,we should also use this time to take on another course or skill to develop our business skills more.

Even when money looks tight set up a vision board to set money goals for your business some of it may seem far fetched at first  but if you work hard to grow  your business slowly you will continue to see it was worth the hard work after all.Continue to remain positive and remember even great business men have gone through lack but got back even more in the end .


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