The Galicia Gourmet Extravaganza


Today , I attended the gourmet extravaganza, at a hotel in north west london .And I was told it was their second year holding this event at this hotel.On arrival guests were given badges to state if they were either chefs or bloggers or people who owned a food business we were then taking to the different stalls where people displayed their different foods, from Galicia, from cheeses, wines, meats seafood products as well, it was a flavour of different foods,as well as jams and honeys the tastes were amazing. Each person gave a brief of what part of Galicia they were from.And each product was wonderfully made as well.All the suppliers made their stuff locally and they were really proud of their  product.The wine tasting was something that I never did before but it is an experience that I enjoyed because it gave me a chance to learn something new .

After leaving the wine tasting and food sampling we were all treated to a wonderful meal, and it was all a taster of the Galician extravaganza, it was a taste of fish wine as well as meat as well.This event was well worth the time and I hope to attend again next year if possible, good food is really important so we must really , allow ourselves to try different foods as well, there was scallops as well a beef tartar like a salmon gravlax , the beef was raw, but it was in cooked in a oil marinade , the best of the dishes was the last course where the beef dish was cooked striped and then put back together and cooked in a block.. served on a potato puree…Then we were served a dessert of crumbled fruit crumble and fruit as ice cream it was a wonderful end to the afternoon, tasting food from different countries is important as people need to try different foods,I will certainly visit again ,this event.orca_share_media1475491772227img_20161003_103251_2cs1475515576494


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