The foodies Festival

I attended the foodies festival last month at Alexandra palace and it was a wonderful experience to showcase my cakes and products .I saw able to see what it entails when you take part in an event like that .You need to be fully organised as well as have the  right marketing to improve yourself and your product.What did I learn? I learned that you must have the enough stock for the day ,also be aware that if your product is new yo have to give people a chance to understand your product, because the market is full with so many products it can be a lot for the consumer to process .Your product must stand out as well .A lot of start ups have good ideas but your product must be different so that you can get to the right customer .For myself I have learned through trial and error and once you have done that you make sure that you do not end up making the same mistakes again.I have walked away knowing now that there is a market for my product and do hope I will be able to build my brand and name gradually as well.Blogimg_20160830_002004


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